SCP: Doctors Degree

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Original idea by Bluefox0.

SCP: Doctors Degree is a game where you play as a new doctor to the SCP Foundation. The game will NOT be a horror game, I think it will be interesting to have an SCP game that isn't scary for once. The game is in early INDEV, so don't think you can download it at this time. The picture you see is not the official logo, if you have a better one, I will look at it. Currently, the game is being made by a single person, so if you want to help, I will see if you can help in the first place.

I need the following: A person who can make textures(currently I am useing textures off of TextureKing as place holders), voice actors(that aren't three years old), and modelers for now.

Check the news for updates!

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